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*Request forms should be submitted at least 2-4 weeks in advance (special events may require more notice). We will respond to you within 3 business days of receiving your request. Please note we cannot accommodate all requests but will do our best!

Donations are greatly appreciated and needed to ensure our sustainability and ability to provide services. Donations can be made when services are rendered and are at your discretion.

Suggested donation for an in-person pet therapy visit at a facility - $100

Suggested minimum donation for a pet therapy special event at a facility - $195

Suggested annual donation for ongoing visits - Based on frequency 

Suggested donation for a Corporate Stress Relief Visit - $495

Facility Request Form

If you would like to receive on-going canine assisted therapy visits from a qualified pet therapy team(s), please complete the Facility Request Form below.

Event Request Form

If you would like to request a one-time visit from a qualified pet therapy team(s) at your facility or special event, please complete the Event Request Form below.

Corporate Stress Relief Form

Our Corporate Stress Relief program is designed to help employers, please complete the Corporate Stress Relief Form below.