Standard Services

For children, adults, and seniors.

Canine Comfort

Provides in-person animal assisted activities to children and adults in hospitals, foster care, nursing homes, treatment centers, Veteran centers, shelters and hospice in a safe, supervised and therapeutic environment. The positive interaction with a therapy dog helps to improve ones’ overall mood and mental well-being.

Leashes for Literacy 

Designed to help children gain confidence and achieve academic goals in the classroom, one on one or small group visits with a therapy dog provides struggling students a safe space to practice reading skills with the support from a non-judgmental canine.

Bite Prevention

Educational lesson and interactive demonstration for children that teaches the appropriate way to approach a dog and basic skills to help prevent avoidable dog bites.

Pet Parades

Three or more therapy dogs and their handlers parade through the hallways of hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities, bringing a fun and interactive experience to patients, residents, clients etc. Pet therapy teams can dress up/accessorize for the season or for special occasions like holidays. This fun and interactive experience inspires smiles, alleviates stress and creates cherished moments for all involved.

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Professional Services

For children, adults, and seniors.

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Mental Health and Trauma Response

In direct response to the 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, this special service provides support to children and adults in the aftermath of crisis or trauma or who are struggling with mental health issues. Therapists and trauma response professionals can also utilize therapy dogs in group meetings or other settings to assist with healing. LEARN MORE HERE!

Paws for Special Needs

Provides therapeutic interaction to children and adults with special needs, individuals in rehab, and those in mental or behavioral health facilities. In coordination with the the facility's health care professional (Physical/Occupational/Recreational Therapists, Mental Health Counselors, etc.) visits with a therapy dogs can be incorporated into treatment plans to help encourage social skills, improve coordination, increase self-confidence and reach personal goals.

Courthouse Canines

To provide comfort to children or families in dependency and delinquency court, therapy dogs can be utilized in the Judge’s chambers. The dog’s presence provides a sense of security and calmness to those who have to testify.

College and Corporate Services

Corporate Paws to De-Stress

Therapy dog visits to businesses are provided to companies to promote employee wellness, celebrate special occasions or support employees through stressful times, whether it be after a traumatic event, changes in management, or workplace disruptions. These visits help to alleviate stress, increase productivity and encourage employee engagement.

College Paws to De-Stress

Therapy dog visits to college campuses are provided to students during stressful times like exam periods or security threats, as well as for mental health events and other special occasions. These visits facilitate camaraderie amongst students, boost morale, and create an overall positive atmosphere on campus.

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Specialty Services

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Community Events and Collaborations

C.A.T. participates in fun and educational community events, such as Pet Expos, Health and Safety Fairs, Farmer's Markets and other special occasions. Volunteers and their therapy dogs attend these events to provide comfort and cheer to the public and educate the public about the benefits of pet therapy. To request us at your next event, contact us today!